New ThunderCats Roar Animated Series sets Premiere on Cartoon Network!!

An official premiere by cartoon network has been set for ThunderCats Series named ThunderCats Roar.

The following episodes will be aired according to the mentioned dates. Exodus part 1 and 2 will be aired on February 22 in which the audience will watch how Lion O, a new leader of ThunderCats Series will lead his troupe from Thundera to the third earth where the villainous evil Mumm-ra resides. The next two episodes prank call and Boggy Ben will be aired on February 29.

The amazing series aired in the ’80s originally. The cast included the characters of Panthro, Cheetara, Wily Kat, Snarf and Tygra. ┬áThe new modern series are a mix of the old version and the new sci-fi world.

All the characters are set for creating magic this year by the outlandish and crazy ideas. The additional element of action and cool ideas add the cherry on the top. So the nonstop comedy with the coolest elements of action scenes, lasers, explosions, added graphic effects and thrill are coming back to the audience to grab their attention and letting them enjoy the brand new series.

In the latest series, Erica Lindbeck will voice Wilykit and Cheetara. Patrick Seitz will voice Tygra and Mumm-ra, and Chris Jai Alex will voice Panthro an enthusiastic science whiz.