5 Animated Movies to Watch with Your Family


Summer holidays are here and I’m sure you can’t wait to watch all the amazing animated films with your little ones who crave your attention, particularly during their time off from school. Watching movies together as a family is the most economical and fun way of getting entertained. 

We are aware that not everyone can plan to go abroad to spend vacations and so, staying at home and just chilling in front of your television or laptop screens is the most fun pastime ever. If you are also a concerned parent who is feeling guilty for not giving their kids the time they deserve, well, fret no more as this article will solve all your worries. 

We have done a little research of our own and have come up with the top five animated films that you can watch with your kids. However, before you go ahead and read the rest of the article, make sure you are signed up with a super-fast, high-voltage internet that can make the entire process of streaming these movies seamless for you. 

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1. Inside Out (2015)

This family flick is said to be Pixar’s most ingenious storyline that takes its audience through a roller coaster of emotions. The main characters of this light-hearted, sweet film are young girls’ emotions and feelings. 

Her feelings of joy, love, sadness, and disgust are exhibited in a very fun way in this film. Add this movie to your watch list and get ready to have an amazing, entertaining movie night with your little ones. 

2. Ratatouille (2007)

The movie literally is about a rat who can actually look. How strange is that? This sweet, light-hearted film revolves around a naïve but ambitious rodent called Remy who wishes to become an experienced chef. His witty, calm, and dramatically convincing personality keeps the audience hooked to the TV screen. 

Another admired character in this film is Linguini who essentially is a human moppet controlled by passionate and super talented Remy. Together they try their best to follow their dreams while simultaneously fighting the White-style villain. We won’t give any more spoilers, watch this movie on your next movie night and thank us later. 

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Don’t let the title send shivers run down your spine. Sure, the dark setup and the stop-motion theme are a little scary, but trust is the story is far too cute to cause any nightmares. The movie revolves around Jack Skellington who is a tall, skinny Pumpkin king of the spooky Halloweentown. 

However, after years of scaring people, he has now become a little composed and wants to contribute to the happiness of the world. He is done with all the frights and so whenever a joyous occasion like Christmas comes, he becomes super passionate and gets into the feeling of giving back to society. But when you have spent most of your life scaring the life out of humans, making the difficult transition to cheerfulness and merriment isn’t that easy. 

4. Despicable Me (2010)

The main character of this movie is Gru who is super busy striving to steal the moon. However, his wicked plan goes to vain when he is unexpectedly, out of nowhere given the responsibility of three young orphan sisters. 

The evil scientist doesn’t seem to be bothered by this brand new role as a supposed father to these girls, however, this transition kind of affects his sinful, immoral ordeals. Despicable Me is a very sweet, funny movie that will surely entertain you and your kids. 

5. The Lion King (1994)

Grab a lot of tissue paper before watching this film because the movie is super emotional and heartbreaking. The main character of this movie is a young lion named Simba who is destined to be the king after his father Mufasa’s death. 

However, the loss of his father really shatters his personality and the evil plans of his wicked uncle make him weaker. However, he fights all the odds and comes out stronger. Watch this film with your kids, enjoy all the melodious songs, and have the time of your life. 

Final Words

Planning fun, movie nights with kids is always an interesting idea. So add all of these movies to your watch list and have the best summer vacation ever.