8 Essentials for Your Home Bar: Must-Haves for Every Student Mixologist


So you’re into mixology. Whether you’re learning classic recipes or want to invent new, unique cocktails, you need to have the right tools. They will help you perfect your craft and work with the chemistry of ingredients and garnishes. 

Mastering mixology techniques takes time. Fill your home bar with the necessary tools to be able to practice. Sometimes students are given homework to create a cocktail, so you need to have the resources to be able to experiment. Of course, “write my essay online” from a trusted custom writing service can help you show off your invention in the best light. Such academic assistance is vital for your final school projects and mixology competitions. 

What is must-have home barware for a student mixologist? 

1. Classic Bar Spoon

An elegant bar spoon with a twisted stem is a useful addition to any bar set. It’s indispensable when you need to mix a cocktail in a highball glass or make a layered drink. Its perfect balance allows a comfortable grip and effortless stirring. 

2. Cocktail Shaker 

A cocktail shaker is essential for a home bar. There are three types: Cobbler, Boston, and French. The Cobbler shaker is a perfect fit for beginners because it’s the easiest to assemble. It has everything you need, including a built-in strainer, a cap, and a tin. 

Professional bartenders, however, prefer the Boston shaker. It’s a two-piece set with a large tin and a glass. It works best for high-volume bartending. 

The French shaker is the most stylish option with a particularly sleek design. Functionally, it resembles a Boston while it’s closer to a Cobbler shape-wise (but it doesn’t include a built-in strainer).

3. Strainer 

Another vital tool for mixing drinks is a strainer. It prevents solid ingredients like ice or fruit from getting into a serving glass. The most common type is the Hawthorne strainer in both home and professional barware sets. Its form is a disc with a handle and prongs. 

The bowl-shaped strainer with holes is called a Julep. It’s the original strainer from the 1800s. 

Either of those can be used with a fine mesh strainer as an additional filter so no tiny bits can slip into your glass. 

4. Jigger 

This cocktail measuring tool is a must-have for a student mixologist. It comes in various styles and sizes. The traditional jigger has an hourglass shape with bowls on either side of it. The second option is a single jigger that has a single bowl with multiple gradations for measurements. 

5. Juicer

Lemon and lime juice is an extremely common cocktail ingredient. So it’s nice to have a juicer at hand to squeeze these and other fruit and vegetables. Some people prefer a traditional handheld one. Yet, if you need something more versatile and powerful, you can go with an electric juicer to make the freshest cocktails. 

6. Muddler 

Every mixologist needs a muddler to crush ingredients and release their flavor. It works great for fruit, herbs, and spices. It’s one of your key tools to boost the taste of a cocktail. When shopping for a muddler, look for a tool with a sturdy body and comfortable, non-slip grip. It’s also nice for it to have a nylon head to prevent scratches and increase durability. 

7. Mixing Glass

If you plan to make any stirred cocktails, add a mixing glass to your home bar essentials. It should be strong and have a solid, stable base. 

With its help, you’ll be able to make a perfect Manhattan, Negroni, or Martini for your college party. By the way, if you’re looking for ways to find time for partying, consider the best assignment services. They will help you stay on top of your homework and still have time to unwind and socialize. 

8. Ice Tray

A 1.25-inch ice cube tray is standard in mixology. It’s both a decorative and functional item of barware. There’s also an option to use ice ball molds instead of cube molds. Ice balls melt slower and won’t dilute your cocktail as fast. In addition to regular ice, you can also freeze berries, herbs, and juices for an extra taste infusion. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to turn your passion for mixology into a lucrative career, grab this set of eight essentials and start experimenting. They will help you learn the basics as well as try new ingredients and methods. Prepare to master the art of mixology and boost the flavor of your drinks.