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Dave The Barbarian

Dave the Barbarian is a popular animated series that is based on a barbarian whose name is Dave. The series was produced by Doug Langdale, and it was created for Disney Channel. Series was published and premiered on January 23, 2004, and was ended by releasing the last episode on January 22, 2005.

The series consists of one season, and it has 27 episodes that are filled with action and adventure for the viewers. The series Premises on the scenes of the characters who have acted with the animations and dialogues by the popular celebrities. Expert developers design all the characters from the list of the world’s professionals.

In this series, Dave the Barbarian, there is much fun and joy for the viewers, and it can be watched on the Disney Channel. However, in this article, we will explore the free ways to watch online. 

We will also uncover crucial information about the series Dave the Barbarian, and we will elaborate on its characters, review, and provide an opportunity to watch the latest episodes of this show. Let’s dive into this amazing content!


Dave the Barbarian has released one complete season of the series that incorporates 27 Episodes, and each one is packed with quality content such as adventure, action, fun, fights, wars, Kingdom, and much more. The series was released on the Disney channel, so to watch, a subscription is required. Here, we are going to provide a free-to-watch opportunity. The full episodes of Dave the Barbarian show, tap to watch.

Overview: Dave the Barbarian

Dave the Barbarian is a popular Animated series created by Doug the Langdale and released on the Disney channel on January 22, 2004. The series is based on the Barbarian, also known as Dave. He is also the protagonist of the series. 

This series has premiered in one season, and it includes 27 episodes packed with scenes of adventure, fights, fun, and joy for the viewers. In the series, there are many other characters. Some are the antagonists, and some are protagonists, whereas Dave, a teenage barbarian, is the main protagonist of the show. 

The story of the series is based on Dave’s life and the acts that he does daily. In this series, the protagonist protects his motherland with his sisters from the destruction of evils, while their parents are far from the evil-fighting. So they are passionate about doing it. However, Dave is a coward and allergic to different things.

Moreover, Dave is allergic to cheese, dust, cats, coal, pudding, etc. Dave is the brother of Candy and Fang, the companions in his fights. His sisters also expressed when Dave was young, he wanted to be a Barbarian. 

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Characters: Dave the Barbarian

Following are the characters of the series:


Dave is the main protagonist character of the series. He is a Muscular, a very strong Barbarian war prince, and a brother of Candy and Fang. Dave is frightened of many things and allergic to items such as Cheese, Cats, Pudding, Dust, and much more. Dave fights with the magical sword, and it’s called Lula.


Candy is the oldest sister of three siblings, and she is the most beautiful child in the Kingdom. When her parents, King and Queen, left the Kingdom to fight evils, she was charged as the ruling kingdom regant. One of the best things about Candy is that she is a master of martial arts skills.


Fang is the younger sister of three siblings in the Kingdom, and she has long red hair in a ponytail. She loves to smash things around in the Kingdom and looks like a monkey, so she acts too. Fang is a small child to fight, and she sends him back to Dave to fight as he is a coward and frightened of wars.


Dave the Barbarian is a popular animated series based on the Barbarian, whose name is Dave. The series was created by an American writer and producer known as Doug Langdale and premiered on the Disney channel. Series was launched on January 23, 2004, and ended on January 22, 2005.

The series contains 27 episodes with one season, and it was first released on the Disney streaming channel. Dave, a strong, Muscular teenager, is the protagonist or main character of the series. Dave is a fearful boy and allergic to many things, such as cheese, dust, cats, pudding, etc.

This article is based on the complete overview, characters, and episodes of Dave the Barbarian. Explore the above content to read out crucial key points!