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Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter’s Laboratory is a famous cartoon show created by American animation production. The cartoon represents Dexter as the protagonist of the series. He is a little boy who loves discovering something new in the Laboratory. He is popularly known as a genius due to his brilliant Scientific inventions.

The series has got an immense fan following from all over the world. Dexter’s laboratory show has premiered on the cartoon network for over 15 years. In this animated series, there are few characters, and all have significantly proved to be the leading members of the show.

Furthermore, each animated member in Dexter’s laboratory cartoons plays a crucial role in representing the series on the success track. Additionally, in this article, we will describe the characters in detail and discuss the essential key points of the series, such as characters, review and much more. 

Episodes: Dexter’s Laboratory

Note: The series was wrapped up, premiering the last episode in 2019 on youtube. However, it ended a long ago. So, these episodes were uploaded the last time on the channel.

Review: Dexter’s Laboratory Cartoons

Dexter’s laboratory cartoons are broadcasted for the cartoon network with five seasons and numerous episodes in each one. The show has a dexter named boy who is the series’ main character, owning a laboratory to experience various experiences. Albert Einstein inspired him. 

When Dexter performs the experiments, his sister often damages the Laboratory or disturbs him not to invent any new machine. However, he successfully creates something new with the superpower to handle humans and advanced features, making him a powerful boy in the city.

In most of the episodes, there is a villain whom Dexter destroys, or sometimes even Dexter or his sister becomes the villain. Dexter’s father is also a good man who always refuses him not to create something stupid, and his mother also cares for him. 

The scenes of the series are a mix of different aspects such as adventure, fun, action, knowledge, and entertainment. Viewers are obsessed with the show as it provides exciting content to spend quality time with siblings and family.

Characters: Dexter’s Laboratory


Dexter is the protagonist of the Animated show Dexter’s Laboratory. He owns a secret laboratory in the house where he often performs experiments to invent a powerful machine or gadget. Sometimes he can’t complete his experiments due to his mischievous or jealous elder sister, Dee Dee. Though he has a secret lab, his sister mainly finds it and destroys the materials by experimenting the wrong way.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee is the elder sister of Dexter. She is an intelligent girl and, most of the time, helps Dexter create experiments scripts. Most of the time, she secretly invades the lab’s material to try something like his brother, and unintentionally, she creates a negative gadget. She has the support of his father more than Dexter.


Dad mostly wears a dress with glasses and sets hair with a textured front spike. The father of Dexter is more supportive of his daughter and mostly appreciates her minor success. However, Dexter is more intelligent than her. He has a soft side for Dexter too. 


The mom’s appearance is beyond red hair, a green dress, with an apron. She has some anger issues over Dexter’s mischievousness. She becomes angry with her husband, the father of Dexter. 

Dexter’s Laboratory has four seasons telecasted on the cartoon network’s channel. There are numerous episodes in each season. Except for Cartoon Networks, it also premiered on youtube. Following are the latest episodes from youtube.


Dexter’s Laboratory is an American-launched animated series that premiered in 1999. The show started broadcasting on Cartoon Networks for an extended period. With the premiere of Dexter’s cartoons, the show’s protagonist, known as Dexter, gained immense popularity.

Moreover, the cartoons also include a character that represents the family members of Dexter, including Dee Dee’s Sister, Dad and Mom. Dee Dee has always been concerned with destroying the lab stuff and not letting Dexter perform perfect experiments. 

Furthermore, the series has brilliant entertaining scenes that include adventure, action and a piece of joy for viewers. This article incorporates the much more essential points about Dexter’s laboratory cartoon. Read out to explore!