How to Make Your Instagram Live Stream Get More Views : Proven Tools for Beginners


Streams are one of the best ways to get a little closer with your followers, get feedback from them and form a more loyal attitude of fans towards you. It doesn’t matter whether your profile is commercial (business pages, sale of goods or services) or personal (in other words, an influencer page), you should go live as often as possible and keep in touch with people. However, in order for your streams to be in the top of user feeds, that is, in first or second place, you need to get enough views, comments and reactions from other subscribers. It’s not so easy to do this – today users are more selective, and they don’t watch all the content from  influencers and entrepreneurs,especially if they have a fresh account without a huge fan base.

That’s why we decided to share the best tools to promote your live videos. Today we’ll talk about the opportunity to buy Instagram live video views for faster and more effective content promotion, as well as some other tools that you can use right now, regardless of the number of subs and activity on the page. Read on!

Create teasers

Of course, you can run streams on a whim, but here’s the question: “how many people will see your content if they don’t know about it in advance?”. The answer is obvious, either no one will come, or just a couple of people, but that’s not what you want, right? That’s why we recommend telling subscribers in advance about your plans and writing the time when you will be live. 

Invite your subscribers to stream and promise them that it will be fun, informative and interesting. You can do this through Stories or publications – post multiple times so that all your fans see the teaser and visit live on time. Consider adding a qr code along with your messages to make it easier for your subscribers to access the stream.

Invest in your lives 

From time to time, creators need some additional support to promote them, and getting a large number of views is no exception. Today, the advertising services market is huge and diverse, and PR tasks are performed by real people, so the use of such services is absolutely safe, legal and effective. So, if you are aiming to get as many interactions with your streams as possible, start investing now so as not to miss the right time. The option to buy real Instagram live video views is the best boost to make your content more viewed, attractive and in demand overnight. 

In fact, the purchase replaces  long months of cooperation with SMM specialists, but there is one big plus : you’ll spend much less than the marketing budget. In addition, the service is provided instantly, so you can buy it at any time – at the beginning of the stream or a little later to attract more subscribers to your content.

Collaborations with influencers

Influence marketing can also be a good tool for getting live views. If you already know with whom you could start two-person streams or have friends with a large audience, that’s nice. So, you can already create content with these people and get new fans. By the way, this is beneficial for both sides – you’ll get views, and the other blogger too. Joint streams connect two audiences, and this is definitely a great option to increase subscribers and views. Use it!