How to Measure a Parcel for Shipping to Italy From US


Everyone knows that delivery costs depend on the destination country and the parcel’s weight. Accordingly, many customers ask why, for a light but bulky parcel they have to pay not according to its actual weight but according to the volume. This is standard practice in shipping to Italy from US — let’s talk about it in more detail.

How Can I Find Out the Weight of My Parcel Shipping to Italy from US?

Important: parcels with a maximum weight of 30 kg cm are accepted for international shipment from the USA. To measure the weight of a package, we have selected a few tips for you:

  • If the parcel is bulky and you do not have the opportunity to weigh it, you can weigh each item separately. Use your bathroom scale. Very comfortably!
  • If you don’t have scales, you can find the same items in an online store and check their weight.
  • If none of the options suits you, take your package to the delivery office – the agent will measure and evaluate it.

Pricing plays a huge role when choosing a delivery service to send the parcel to Italy. To select the most suitable option, use an online calculator. Try increasing the weight of your package by a few kilograms. Has the price changed? Feel free to choose what suits you.

What Is a Dimensional Weight and Why Do You Need It?

Necessary: Meest accepts parcels at most 150 cm for shipment to Italy.

A light package can be bulky and take up a lot of space in the vehicle. In this case, its actual weight is not considered, but the volumetric weight is measured.

Dimensional or volumetric weight is a size measurement taken by carriers to determine the volume of a shipment. Meest uses the following formula: length (inches) x width (inches) x height (inches) / 139.

Many people make measurement errors, and some are unaware of the volumetric weight, so your parcel will always be weighed and measured at the collection point when it enters the courier network to ensure you have paid the correct amount.

Why Meest America Is the Best Way to Send Package to Italy from US

Meest gives you several advantages over other delivery services:

  • Save time and money with Meest Portal — a convenient service for creating, sending, and tracking parcels. Manage all parcel deliveries in one place.
  • Get the cheapest shipping from the USA to Italy! Order delivery to European countries for the most reasonable prices on the market.
  • The company is accessible from any corner of the country, given that there is a drop-off service when there is no Meest agent nearby.

If you need to send a parcel, you can safely use our tips to measure it correctly and fill out the declaration. Meest Agent helps you reduce transportation costs by providing a quick and easy parcel delivery process that suits your needs and budget.