Johnny Test Cartoon: Watch Latest Episodes | Review & Character

Johnny Test Cartoon

Johnny Test, an excellent Warner Bros production animated series, to experience the thrill, adventure, fun, action, and entertainment. The series is based on the unsuccessful experiments of a test family who have a lab in their home to try different methods to invent something unique.

The series represents an 11-year-old boy with flamed hair, green cargo, and a blue jacket over a black t-shirt as the show’s protagonist. He is named Johnny, the brother of two twin sisters, Susy and Martin. Johnny and his sisters used to live with family, whose last names include “Test.”

The series has received immense love from viewers and has earned billions of dollars worldwide. The series has crucial information about its characters, episodes, and much more. 

In this article, we will elaborate on the thrilling experience of the Johnny test; let’s dive into today’s content!


The series has six seasons, and each one has numerous episodes. Following are the latest episodes of Johnny test:

Johnny Test: Overview

Johnny Test is an outstanding animated series that premiered on 17 September 2005, with the first season. Later the series released five more seasons to provide numerous episodes filled with experiments, fun, action, and entertainment.

In the Johnny test, the series has so much to explore; there are many things to experience, such as scientific experiments, labs, and family management. The show’s characters include an 11-year-old as the main character and his family members, who are the pillar of the show.

Viewers who love to watch funny action cartoons have the best offer to explore and watch Johnny test. The show has significantly shown the results, as the quality content to spend time with family and friends.

However, Johnny Test is a kids’ show, but due to its fantastic content, adults and teenagers love to watch it. The show can be watched on streaming platforms like youtube, dailymotion, or also on the channels of television.

Characters: Johnny Test

The following are the characters of the Johnny test series:

Johnny Test, the Protagonist

An eleven years old young boy, wearing a blue jacket over a black tee and having flamed-like hair with orange spikes, is the protagonist or main character of the Johnny Test. He is the youngest son of Hugh and Lily. He is a naughty boy who tries to tease his sisters and exploit their experiments.

Susan and Mary Test

She was born with a twin sister, and she is also the sister of Johnny. Susan spent most of her time with Marry, trying a new experiment in the lab. Both sisters sometimes make John a guinea pig to experiment on him. Most of their experiments failed drastically, and they again tried new ones.

Hugh Test

He is the father of John, Marry, and Susy and the husband of Lilly. Hugh always makes efforts to keep the family happy. He scolds his children at the wrong moments so they do not engage in harmful activity. He has blonde hair with brown color and is wearing a black suit.

Lile Test

Lile is the mother of John, Marry, and Susy and the wife of Hugh. She has brownish coloured hair and greenish eyes and wears a typical work suit with heels. Lile is very gentle with his children and treats them with love and sympathy. 

That’s it. These were the series’ main characters; also, there are other secondary characters, but we discussed the only pillars of the show.

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Q: Who is Johnny Test?

A: Johnny Test is the protagonist or a main animated character of the series Johnny test on television.

Q: When Did the Johnny Test Cartoons Were Released?

A: Johnny test cartoons were released on 17 September 2005, with the first episode airing.

Q: Who is the Producer of the Johnny Test Animated Series?

A: Devon Cody is the producer of the johnny test animated series, and wild brain studios are the company producer.


Animation series have been on television since the century, and kids enjoy the entertaining content. Animation series are being launched in large numbers, and some of the top-rated ones have been the favorite of kids and adults.

Johnny Test is also one of the popular cartoons/animated series on television and the Internet. The series has scenes filled with thrill, action, adventure, learning, and joy for the viewers.

The series’ characters are the pillars of the show’s fan following. Johnny is the protagonist, and some secondary characters. Each of the show’s animated members has unique skills or powers to represent.

Read the above content to explore more detailed information about the show, and if you have any questions, ask in the comment section.