KicKass Proxy: How To Unblock KickassTorrent Proxy?


Kickass (TAT), known as Kickass Torrent, is a site that allows users to share files and access big shows, movies and tv series. The site has been blocked since 2016 due to sharing copyrighted videos from verified channels. The sad fact is that they were stealing the content of others from sites like Netflix, amazon prime video and many other big brands. Many people favoured kickass, but the court of the U.S. denied it and called it illegal. Additionally, according to the law, sharing others’ videos without their permission is a crime.

The site was launched around 2008 to watch tv shows and share them peer-to-peer or person-to-person. It was free for the users, but all the content was taken from the paid sites. The content was full of tv shows, movies, games and much more. Kickass was being used by 1 million people every day throughout the world. Read the complete article to know more about Unblock kickass site.

Kickass Torrent Proxy

Kickass Torrent Proxy was a site for users to watch and share paid content free of cost. It was not just the content. Unfortunately, it was the steeled content. Later, as the site’s popularity gradually increased, the U.S. government banned it completely. Not just the ban but also imposed charges on the publishers. Later on, it was issued that it must be stopped to increase the usage of this site. There were also remarks in favor of the site from the public, but the government has its own rules.

Additionally, the site is now banned in almost every region. To use it now, people use secret methods to unblock it. It’s not easy to use it, nor is it impossible. There are some ways to access the site. You can even watch that same content on other sites on the internet. As there are now different kickass clone websites, getting all the data of expensive sites for free has become easy.

Use KickassTorrent Proxy

The Kickass site was banned in 2008, but still, People are using it with the help of different ways and tricks. Some ways are legal, and some are illegal, which should be avoided. To use Kickass, you need a proxy site that can allow you to change your current location to another non-banned Kickass country. You can also use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to change your location. This is a safe and legal option for users to use unallowed sites and apps.

Moreover, the KickassTorrent Proxy is banned in many countries and may not unblock with time. However, there are alternative sites that have the same data, like Kickass and Access too. The sites like Goku, watch online, and many more are almost the same as kickassTorrent.

Top 10 Torrent Sites: KickassTorrent Proxy

Main Features Of KickassTorrent Proxy

The features of KickassTorrent Proxy were so unique from other sites. In this, there was huge data on tv, Netflix, games, books and many more. Kickass has multi data for the users. Here are some of the main features that were the main reason for its popularity.

Multi Data

The kickass site has multi data, which includes tv shows, Movies, games, books and much more. The site was free for the users to access all the data, but it spoiled the rating of other channels. Other sites were charging the amount to show the Tv series or movies. But in kickassTorrent, you can watch and share without paying. On this site, you can explore and share any movie or show with others.

Fast Loading & Sharing

Everyone wants to do it fast when sharing and sending data. The Kickass site allows you to also share files or movies with your friends with a peer-to-peer option. It can send your files just within a few seconds. Select the required data or files and click share to send the items.

No charges for Kickass Users

Kickass is one of the top free sites that allow users to watch their entire library. The site has a huge library with thousands of movies and TV shows. All this data is free of cost, and anytime they can use it.


What Is KickassTorrent Proxy

KickassTorrent Proxy is an online site that contains huge expensive data free of cost, which includes. Movies, Games, TV shows and books

Is There Any Limit To Sharing Files?

No, kickass has no limit for sharing and downloading files. You can download unlimited data without any acceptance of privacy or paying anything.

How Can I Use Kickass In a Banned Region?

You can use Kickass in a banned region using Virtual Private Network (VPN). First, you need to change the location of your current country. Then you can open “Kickass” in your browser. Here you are ready to use it.

Final Thoughts

Kickass Torrent Proxy is a network that was invented almost 15 years ago. This network contains a huge amount of data uploaded from the paid networks. It was so popular for tv shows, movies, games and books. But now it is banned in many countries. The court of the u.s held the case of this site, which was proved against the favour of kickass.

Moreover, In 2020 it was issued that it must be removed from many countries. It’s prohibited in many regions to use it due to violating the privacy of copyrighted videos. There are still some ways that can allow you to use it. The easy and best way is to connect VPN to your device and then open the site.