The Best Military Shooters You Should Play


Many players love to play various shooters. They allow you to experience formats and emotions that are difficult or almost impossible to experience in real life.

It can be combat operations, or just a military action game; all that matters is the concept and the opportunity to play the role of a real soldier and solve difficult problems.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

This is a format of military confrontation between two private military campaigns, which represent the US and Russian armies in the battle for Tarkov, but without the involvement of official armies so as not to expand the status and zone of the conflict.

You will make combat trips and fight for resources and ammunition, which are constantly in short supply.

The main opponents will be representatives of the enemy PMCs and bandits, but do not rush to engage them in battle unnecessarily.

If you die in battle, then your enemies will be able to take away all valuable equipment and weapons if they were not previously insured, but the targets you kill are not guaranteed to have anything valuable, especially bandits.

Bandits are NPCs with nasty weapons, but in large numbers they can be dangerous, so it’s not worth risking your life, and it’s better to just avoid these gangs.

You will hunt for better equipment than what you initially have and earn accessories that will help in battle – flash hiders, sights, butts, larger magazines for ammunition and turn your operative into a fighter with full equipment, or earning eft roubles. You can also use services like Skycoach.

The most important thing in Tarkov is the need to learn to act and find entry and exit points to dangerous locations using a physical map and compass, as well as look for visual references that will help you navigate the terrain and quickly and safely take your trophies to safety to make them yours.

Only in this scenario will you be able to use them on yourself to the fullest, or put them up for sale for Tarkov roubles, which you then convert into insurance, or valuable items that are sold on the trading platform by local NPCs who picked them up from dead operatives.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

If you want to play as soldiers who take part in a huge and spectacular conflict and experience the full cinematic effect, then you should play all parts of the Call of Duty series in their order of release.

You will be able to take part in missions for the SAS and US Marines, rangers and paratroopers, in order to first resist terrorists, and then be drawn into a large-scale war, which will first take place on US territory, and then, gradually after a series of successful operations with your participation, the enemy will be driven back, and the fighting will move to Europe.

You will visit the cities of the USA – Washington, visit Paris and Berlin and visit Russian territory, fighting terrorists and the regular army, which started a new war.

Medal of Honor – Warfighter

If you want not just to shoot, but also to move to a full-fledged special forces detachment, where all its members experience various problems and live an ordinary life, but after receiving a call they must immediately report to the command post and fly out on missions.

They have their own problems – divorces from their wives, problems with children and all this is mixed with complex tasks and their backstory, which can be interesting for many players.

You will destroy terrorists, disrupt arms deliveries and avenge fallen comrades in cooperation with special forces of other countries.


A full-fledged military simulator in which you will play as a US Army special forces soldier who helps the peacekeeping contingent maintain order on a distant island along with his squad.

At first these will be local missions with a constant degree of tension, but gradually the conflict will grow, and the fighting will move into a large-scale phase, to which you will need to react and fight in different conditions, including guerrilla actions.

Gradually the battles will move into a more favorable phase, but the beginning will not be easy.

ARMA relies on realism, so you need to understand that you can easily destroy the enemy with one cartridge, but also die just as quickly. The same applies to wounds, so be careful and don’t get into trouble and trust your squad and your accuracy.

Remember also about ballistics – a bullet always falls from top to bottom, which must be taken into account when firing and understand that accuracy depends on understanding the laws of physics.

Just aim higher and try not to fire a large number of bullets and shoot accurately, but tightly, so as not to allow the enemy to fully respond to your actions.

The project will also include a large number of armored vehicles and even aircraft, which will not always be present in missions and will appear depending on the situation and developments.

It is ARMA that gives you the opportunity to feel like part of a huge army, even if there is a battle between two squads on the battle scene.

The atmosphere is created through radio conversations and interaction between units and command.


One of the most iconic projects in the military shooter genre, which invites the player to go through a long storyline, which will differ depending on the version of the project that you choose.

You can choose the format of battles during the first or second world war, conflicts of the future.

Each part is accompanied by many storylines, which can be completed in any order in order to experience all the difficulties of each type of military force – tank crews, pilots, attack aircraft, special forces.

Good and vibrant gameplay, focused on a military shooter, but with an emphasis on arcade and cinematography. This means that a fairly linear storyline awaits you, which will guide you through the key points and the most important task is to simply watch a conventional film with your participation and experience the whole range of emotions that the developers have prepared for you and just follow the storyline and complete all the tasks.

Beware of unnecessary noise in battles, where you can go more secretly and then the mission will be completed much faster and safer, without unnecessary shooting.