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The Simpsons Cartoons

The Simpsons is an award-winning American animated series that has been since, too long, 1989. The series has a large number of episodes, an estimated around 750, which makes this series the most-running animated Show. Behind its massive success is a professional team of hard workers who make it to boom at the top.

In Simpsons cartoons, there are many characters, and five are the major from them that need to be discussed, so we will describe the characters of this series and will also elaborate on episodes and reviews of the Show.

Before we get to the content’s body, here we will discover the review of this series and crucial information related to it. Read out from start to end to learn more about the cartoons. Let’s dive into the article!


The Simpsons series has a large number of episodes. The series premiered on the cartoon networks for an extended period and brought a new episode each week. However, we can only provide some of the episodes there. Following are some of the famous episodes of Simpsons cartoons.

Review: The Simpsons 

Matt Groening and James L. Brooks are the producers of The Simpsons, a sitcom animated series, and also included five to seven writers for creating the script of it. The Simpsons are famous animated cartoons that are based on a typical American family that has been serving as a middle class. 

The Animation series represents the characters in yellow colour skin. The series has numerous characters that have been represented in all episodes. Moreover, the series is very long and has hundreds of episodes, more than 700 hundred. 

Characters of the series include the family of Simpsons that shows the members as a father, who is buffonish and careless. A mother who is rude and unkind, and three children. Also, there are other characters, and it includes a vast number of family members.

Characters: The Simpsons Cartoons

Following are the main characters of Simpsons cartoons:


He is also the Simpsons family member and father of three children. Homer has yellow colour skin and having Buffonish personality. Also, he is careless and needs to look after his children. Sometimes he became so rude that he couldn’t control spitting bad words.


She is also the main character in the Simpsons cartoon series and married to Homer. Bart is also her son, and she mostly seems unkind to the children. She is a stereotypical American, living with three children in the Simpsons family.


He is a ten-year-old child, the son of Homer and Marge. He usually seems like an innocent boy and remains quiet. However, he has a brilliant, sharp brain, and sometimes, he takes crucial decisions that work for him and his family. He also annoys his siblings with pranks.


She is the sister of Bart and the daughter of Marge and Homer. Lisa is a precious girl that often seems caring, loving, and helpful to others. She has a soft heart that immediately melts for people she sees in a sad mood or trouble.


She is the third child of Homer and Marge. Maggie can’t speak, and she talks by sucking the pacifier. She has a good role in the Simpsons family, and everyone acts kind to her.

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Q: Who is the Main Character in Simpsons Cartoons?

A: The Simpsons cartoons have five main characters, and these are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Q: How Many Seasons Are Released Yet of Simpsons Cartoons?

A: The Simpsons cartoons have released thirty-six seasons, and there is news that they produce more.

Q: Where to Watch Simpsons Cartoons?

A: To watch the Simpsons cartoons, explore the Disney and Hotsta platforms or watch on youtube.

Final Thoughts

The Simpsons is a famous American series with many episodes, more than any other cartoon series. The episodes of the cartoons are the pieces of content that kids, teenagers and adults can view. All the Characters have yellow skin, and the family of Simpsons are the leading members.

Moreover, the series is still bringing new episodes, and the producers have agreed to create more episodes by 2025. The series is based on a typical American lifestyle showing a middle-class family’s facts. In most of the episodes, some scenes predict the future.

Furthermore, the series has informative content so that you won’t get bored. You can watch it on Disney and Hostar, a popular streaming platform. 

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