Top 10 Adult Cartoon Series You Can’t Miss on Your Streaming List

Cartoon Series

The Animation series are the ones that not only kids watch and enjoy, but also adults find appealing. With their engaging storytelling, interesting characters, and meaningful themes, these shows have a broad appeal that transcends age boundaries.  

The reason adults like Cartoons is because of the interesting scenes that delve into funny parts, the good stories, and the deep lessons hidden in the shows. There are numerous adult cartoons on the internet or streaming channels that you can watch if you are an adult looking for something exciting.

In this article, we will share the Top 10 Adult cartoon series you can’t miss on your streaming list. So, now let’s dive into this article to explore the 10 best adult series.

1. Paradise PD

The Paradise PD is a popular adult animated/cartoon sitcom or series that premiered on Netflix. The series is a wonderful show that is based on Kevin Crawford, whose mother Karen is the mayor, who joins the small-town police force in the criminally prolific town of Paradise. This is a wonderful adult show that you can’t miss on your streaming list. You must add it to enjoy the funny, and thrilling scenes of the amazing characters.

2. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a brilliant adult animated science-fiction sitcom that is based on the Misadventures of cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his kind-hearted but anxious grandson Morty Smith, who alternate between domestic life and multiverse adventures occurring in countless realities. It is a great adult series that not only has fun but also has thrilling action scenes. 

3. Chicago Party Aunt

Chicago Party Aunt is a great animated adult series that you can’t miss to add to your streaming list. The characters are wonderfully designed and they have naturally given a look that makes viewers laugh at their expressions and enjoy their acts. The series is available on Netflix so you must watch it and or add for watch later. Netflix is paid, but you can watch anime shows and movies for free with Kodi.

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4. Archer

Archer is an animated adult sitcom packed with comedy scenes and entertainment. The series is a great show for adults who love comedy shows. The story is about a group of not-so-great coworkers and a not-so-smooth secret agent named Sterling Archer. The show makes fun of spy stuff, Western culture, and how people act, all set in an old-fashioned Cold War time.

5. Invincible

Invincible is an Adult animated superhero series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video. This show is a great option for adults to watch and enjoy the adventures, actions, and fights of the characters. The series is based on Mark and his fellow characters. When Mark Grayson was just 17 years old, he transformed into a superhero. His dad, Omni-Man, the mightiest superhero on Earth, guided him through this incredible journey.

6. Human Resources

Human Resources is a wonderful adult animated television series that must be added to the watching list for adults and animation lovers too. It’s a funny show set in the same world as Big Mouth, but this time, it’s all about the monsters from the show. These monsters represent different feelings, and they’re assigned to hang out with a bunch of grown-up humans. It’s like a workplace comedy, but with hilarious monster pals who symbolize emotions.

7. Inside Job

Inside Job is a popular adult animated television series or animated science fiction sitcom. The series is based on a team led by a tech genius and her new partner as they work in an organization. They’re joined by reptilian shapeshifters, a human-dolphin mix, and a smart mushroom from hollow Earth. This series should be the best choice or option in the list of series. 

8. F is for Family

F is for Family is an American animated adult sitcom or series that is aired on Netflix. The series is based on the fun and adventure of the characters. The story takes place in a fictional town called Rustvale, located in Pennsylvania. The focus of the show is on a quirky Irish-American family living in the suburbs, and they have some problems getting along. It must be in the list of top 10 adult series for you. 

9. Mulligan

Mulligan is a great and amazing adult animated series and it is the show that you can’t underrate to add to the list of Top 10 adult cartoons. The series follows Earth’s ruin by alien forces, humanity’s remnants stand at a crucial juncture for a fresh start. To sidestep prior blunders, survivors must unite. Collaboration isn’t merely an option but a vital necessity for collective well-being. Only through joint efforts can they overcome challenges, securing a resilient and harmonious future.

10. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a great adult animated television series that premiered on Netflix. Additionally, Big Mouth is all about the suburban New York upbringing of Kroll and Goldberg. Kroll talks about his idealized youth in the show. It’s super open about the human body and takes a close look at puberty. So it is a great show for adults to learn about the puberty hit period.


As we have discussed and elaborated on the Top 10 Adult Cartoon Series You Can’t Miss on Your Streaming List, so hope now you are on the way to include these in your list. So are you ready for an animated adventure? If yes, just explore the above content and select your best ones.

The above-mentioned streaming series are great for adults for entertainment and fun. The shows are wonderful and packed with adventure, action, fun, and joy. All these shows can be watched with the addons, where just one click makes you enjoy the bundles of thrilling animation shows.