Fun Math Learning Cartoons for Kids


Exploring math can be approached in various ways, and using videos is a surprisingly effective method. Kids Academy offers a unique online learning platform that makes learning math enjoyable for young students and ensures a perfect blend of challenge and support for the best outcomes. Kids Academy’s learning resources are produced in collaboration with experienced teachers in accordance with educational standards for a range of grade levels from preschool and up to grade 3.

Mastering Math via Video

Using videos for math education offers an interactive and enjoyable approach to learning, catering to various learning styles and enhancing understanding of complex concepts. Here are examples of three quality videos by Kids Academy created to assist children in mastering math.

1. Same and Different. Comparison for Preschoolers:

This video introduces sorting and matching concepts with clear, child-friendly animations, perfect for parents and teachers of toddlers to kindergarten students. Using an elephant character and colorful balloons, it teaches kids to identify similarities and differences, a key skill for understanding organization and classification in more complex math. To enhance learning, incorporate real-life sorting activities, such as organizing by hair color in classrooms or matching socks at home. This engaging video is an effective tool for teaching crucial attributes like size and shape.

2. Fact Families:

This animated video creatively introduces 1st graders to fact families through engaging illustrations and simple explanations, ensuring young learners easily grasp the concept. Set against an arctic backdrop, it features sled dogs and an arctic explorer, using this wintry theme to demonstrate number relationships that add up to less than 10. Visual aids like ropes, fish snacks, and seals help illustrate these concepts, with scenes like two seals alongside six seals simplifying the learning with relatable and thematic imagery.

3. Place Value: Trading Tens for Hundreds:

This instructional video successfully aims to teach children how to count in increments of ten using their fingers and base 10 blocks. It clearly explains the representation of tens with blocks and the grouping of tens to signify hundreds. An effective interactive feature shows how the viewers actively participate by working out the value of 40 long blocks. The main goal of making the comprehension of large numbers simpler and more engaging for young students is clearly expressed.


In conclusion, Kids Academy’s math learning videos offer an engaging and interactive way for preschool to grade 3 students to delve into mathematics. More than just counting exercises, these videos enhance understanding of numbers and problem-solving skills. They are crafted to be both fun and educational, building a strong math foundation. These videos provide a structured and effective learning experience, ensuring that mathematics is both captivating and enjoyable for every student.

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