Top 12 Cartoon Couples of All Time

Cartoon Couples

A cartoon romance story can be just as gripping and endearing as any live-action movie or TV show. Plus, as they are predominantly oriented at child audiences, cartoon romances are usually a great way to show the younger generation what love and family life are supposed to be (or not be).

This has resulted in animated TV and movies producing dozens of amazing couples and romance stories over the years. We can’t possibly list them all here, of course, but we can certainly mention our picks for the Top 12 cartoon couples of all time and hopefully push you to watch something you might have missed. 

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

A cartoon couple, a theme park attraction, and a cultural sensation, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are probably the most iconic cartoon couple of all time. The only reason someone might not think of them right from the get-go is because they are anthropomorphic, but that applies to quite a few other cartoon couples too. Mickey and Minnie have been around for so long, that the iconic couple recently became public domain.

2. Beauty and the Beast

The heroes of the eponymous Disney animated hit, Belle (the Beauty) and the Beast, have charmed audiences for decades. An argument can be made that their relationship “doesn’t start in the healthiest of ways” and that maybe parents should explain to their kids that relationships with rage-prone guys are ill-advised, but there is no denying that’s an iconic couple. The 2017 live-action adaptation may not have been as beloved as the original animation (no live-action adaptation ever seems to be), but that hasn’t made the original any less iconic.

3. Cinderella and Prince Charming

It must be ironic to be part of one of the most famous cartoon couples of all time, yet for no one to remember your name. On the bright side, however, Henry’s moniker of “Prince Charming” is so iconic that it’s used as a popular noun and a descriptor of “an impossibly perfect guy” in everyday English.

4. Donald and Daisy Duck

The second most famous couple in Disney’s cartoon world, Donald and Daisy Duck are arguably even more charming and full of personality than their mouse-ian counterparts. Pretty much the only thing that puts Mickey and Minnie ahead is that Mickey is the literal face of the company.

5. Tarzan and Jane

Most people know of Tarzan and Jane from the famous and admittedly hilarious 1999 Disney movie “Tarzan.” What many don’t know, however, is that not only was the movie based on the Edgar Wright Burroughs novel series from the early 20th century, but that Jane was a part of those novels too. In fact, this is one of the few Disney animated movies who is quite close to its original, as Tarzan and Jane’s story in the books is quite similar to that in the animated movie.

6. Aladdin and Jasmine

The story of Aladdin is one of the most famous ones from “One Thousand And One Nights” book. Since then, Aladdin has become the face of an entire franchise and his love story with Princess Jasmine is all but legendary. In fact, Princess Jasmine herself has been so iconic that she has driven countless thousands of people to international mail order bride websites recommended by BridesUniverse.

7. Homer and Marge Simpson

To finally – and briefly – step out of the world of Disney, another famous couple we can mention is Homer and Marge Simpson from “The Simpsons.” This may not have been the first couple to come to everyone’s minds, but there is a reason why “The Simpsons” has been going for 35 seasons so far.   

8. Hercules and Megara

The original story of these two love birds in Greek Mythology has a tragic end, of course, but that’s to be expected from any Greek myth. Most people know of these two from the Disney animated movie “Hercules,” however, and there he and Megara are a truly awesome couple.

9. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

Had the creators of “The Incredibles” known how big of a hit this would be, they may have named Elastigirl “Mrs. Incredible.” As far as we’re concerned, however, we wouldn’t change a thing in the first two movies, and we’re definitely looking forward to #3 this fall.

10. Bugs and Lola Bunny

“Looney Tunes” may not have the cultural stay of Disney’s cartoon world, but Bugs and Lola Bunny are certainly still one of the top cartoon couples out there. Some folks may also remember Bugs’ former sweetheart, Honey Bunny, but Lola is definitely the more famous of the two by far.

11. Shrek and Fiona

A truly unique love story, especially for Disney, Shrek and Fiona have taught countless millions of kids what true love is like. We were really tempted to add Donkey and the Dragon to this list, as that is definitely an even more unique love story. Yet, fame is the thing we are looking for here, and Shrek and Fiona are certainly the stars of their franchise.

12. Hiccup and Astrid

One of the newer Disney franchise hits, “How to Train Your Dragon” isn’t really a “love story” the way most other Disney movies are. Yet, that makes Hiccup and Astrid an even more endearing couple, as their charming love story manages to shine through the movies’ main plots even though it’s secondary to the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless.

Final Word

Of course, the drawn world has gifted us with countless other iconic couples we could have easily included in the above list if we had a bit more time. Couples such as Jack Skellington and Sally, Pocahontas and John Smith, Popeye and Olive Oyl, Fry and Leela, Simba and Nala, George and Jane Jetson, Max and Roxanne, and many others will hopefully continue to live on in pop culture for decades to come. Still, the 12 couples above are certainly more than deserving of the top spots too, and we’d be more than happy to argue that point with anyone.

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